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Innovation is in our DNA

Entrepreneurship begins with an idea, a passion to do something right which ideally ends up in a product or a service. It’s all about the approach to the IDEA – Imagination, Design, Execution and Adaption and we want to enable and channelize that very thought process.

xCubator technology team includes business entrepreneurs and technologists from Stanford, MIT, UT Austin, and other top business schools.


We are on a mission to provide Young Ideators a pathway to Entrepreneurship by educating on the nuances and taking responsibility for their own success and learn from the experiences. 


Help Young Entrepreneurs succeed by providing an interactive  platform to collaborate on the development and execution of Ideas.


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It is said that the entrepreneurial spirit is something one is ‘born with’, however, we believe that as with many other things, experience in and exposure to a field prepares a student just as well. This will not only build a entrepreneurial mindset but at the same time prepare them for college and their career.

xCubator is a platform that gives live expert input on the techniques, principles and practices, to launch your ideas with confidence.